Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspections

Our residential home inspections are completely comprehensive. We will accompany you through a walkthrough and inspection of the home you’re interested in buying or selling, and assess its condition using our multi-point home inspection checklist.

Thermal Imaging

The purpose of an infrared scan is to find issues and catch them before they become a major problem. With the use of our infrared camera, we can help identify moisture, insulation, electrical, HVAC issues, and more.

Remote Conferencing

With SpecOwl, we can meet with you according to your availability. We are happy to meet with you via Zoom to go over findings, explain the report further, and answer any questions you may have after you’ve received your report.

New Construction Inspections

Newly constructed homes need an objective third party to inspect. The city or county inspectors often don’t catch everything, but we’ve been trained to have a keen eye for anything that could compromise a new home’s lifetime or safety.

Home Warranty Inspections

Most builders offer a one-year warranty on a new home. We perform a full home inspection before the builder’s warranty expires. Just because your home is new doesn’t necessarily mean it is defect-free.

Connecting You to Contractors

Need repairs and don’t know who to call? Save time and let us search for you!

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